The Sweetest Taboo

  • Fits Modern Size: S - XL ( Loose Fit/ Oversized)



    Condition: Great



    Fabric Feels: Cotton



    Hanger Method: This Earth toned over sized button down holds plenty of style options. We went for a casual feel adding a little femme touch with the Nude strappy heels. For a chill feel pair with a cute loose pair of Sage Green slacks and a simple sneaker. Top off with a soft Nude gloss. 



    Complimentary Colors to Rock:  Sage Green/ Denim/ Cream



    *Model Wears Size: Top: S/ M -Bottoms: S/L- 5/6  Height: 5'7



    Nostalgic Inspo: " Sweetest Taboo" - Sade ( 85')